Health 2.0 Announces Keynotes for the 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference

Barcelona, Spain – Health 2.0 announces keynote speakers for the 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference taking place May 18-20 in Barcelona, Spain. After a highly successful conference last November in London, United Kingdom, the International event series will head South to Spain to engage and initiate conversations within the global digital health and health care innovation movements. Join over 600 entrepreneurs, executives, thought-leaders, investors, physicians, and patients covering this year’s themes:

  • Wellness IT – Measurement of mental health and personal wellness is spreading into the digital health landscape with trackers and platforms intervening to improve stress, happiness, maternal and children’s health, and productivity.
  • Consumer Health – From new body trackers to self diagnostic tools, consumer health and the international health care space is adapting to a more empowered individual.
  • The Unmentionables – Pushing the boundaries of health care starts with addressing the topics typically shunned in modern medicine. Health 2.0 will explore the digital health tools contributing to more education and activism around sex, addiction, mental health, and death.
  • Big Data/Academia/Research – As part of Health 2.0’s ongoing effort to end siloed data, the 6th Annual Europe Conference will host technology and speakers driving an open, integrated and communicative health care system.
  • Pharma– Tackling the social aspects of pharma such as medication adherence to the clinical space with clinical trial technology, Health 2.0’s interest in pharma considers how the big players interact with new innovation.
  • Care Innovation – With new models for care, platforms for improved workflow, and enhanced communication tools Health 2.0 captures the best tools disrupting the delivery of care.
  • Financing Health 2.0 – VC’s from EU’s most prominent investment firms will join Health 2.0 to dive deep into digital health spending.
  • International Health 2.0 Movement – With more than 85 chapters around the world, Health 2.0 will capture the perspective of the global digital health experience.

This Spring, the confirmed keynote speakers headlining the event already include:

Registration is currently open under the early-bird rate on the 6th annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference website. Discounted rates for startups, health professionals and academia are also available by application.

Aline Noizet

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