Mobile Health Trophies made in France

French healthcare community was reunited in Paris last month to celebrate the Mobile Health Trophies, organized by DMDSante, rewarding apps in 6 categories: best app for professionals, best app for general public, best follow up app, best mobile health app, internet user favorite app and best connected object.

And the winners are…

Best app for professionals: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, a database of ultrasound images of the musculoskeletal system for professionals and students

Best app for general public: Ludicalm, an augmented reality app to distract kids while they are having a blood test

Best follow up app: Arthmouv, a knee arthrosis follow up app

Best mobile health app: Mes vaccins, an app to create an electronic vaccins calendar

Internet users favorite app: TUP, a condoms and screening centres geolocalization app

Best connected object: Withings’ Smart Body Analyse WS 50, a scale that measures weight, body composition, heart rate and air quality.

Close up on the Internet users’ favorite app: TUP (Trouver un preservatif).

The idea behind the creation of the app, as the TUP team explained, was to encourage people to have HIV screening. But they realized that people wouldn’t download an app to geolocalize screening centres, that’s why the app was built as a condom geolocalisation, while including a section to find screening centres. The app enables you to find condom categorised by location (chemist, supermarket, dispenser etc), free condoms etc. It also includes tips and tutorials around condoms as well as the ‘find a screening center’ section.

As part of this conference, DMDSante also organized a health startup projects’ contest. A jury of professionals had to choose, amongst 8 projects presented in stage, the 4 with the most potential to disrupt the future of healthcare.

The big winner was Pill’up, a solution to enhance patient’s adherence to medicine. Pill’up is a smart button that patients stick on their medicine box. It is connected to the smart phone app where info about takes’ quantities and timing are configured. The smart phone will ring or vibrate to alert the patient that its time to take his medicine, and the smart button will start flashing. The smartphone app tells the patient which medicine to take and how many. By pressing the button on the medicine box it communicates it to the smartphone app, which keeps track of every take. The button will keep flashing until the patient presses it. Patient will be reminded 3 times to take his medicine. If after that he still hasn’t taken it/pressed the button, an alert is sent to care givers or healthcare professionals. As the app keeps track of all the takes, the patient can check if and when he took his last medicine.

Patient empowerment was clearly a common theme amongst the winning solutions of both the Trophies and the startup contest, giving patients means to take care of their own health. As mentioned during the day, patient centered solutions will ensure the success of the future of digital health.

Aline Noizet is the General Manager of Health 2.0 Barcelona. She can be reached at @anoizet.

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