We’re Sending “Be Mine” Valentines to These Wearables

We’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves for these cool wearables. There’s something for all the special people in your life, even for man’s best friend. Check out which wearables we’re crushing on right now. 

Numetrex Adidas MiCoach Training Shirt


Not into wearing your fitness tracker? Many aren’t, so the Adidas MiCoach training shirt with included heart rate monitor is a great alternative. The shirt features embedded sensors that provide extremely accurate tracking technology without the bulk of a monitor. One thing’s for sure- this shirt is the perfect marriage of technology and design!

Netatmo JUNE


Though I generally hide under floppy hats and sunscreen during the summer, I never really considered myself “sun saavy.” However, with Netatmo’s new product- JUNE – anyone can be smart in the sun. JUNE measures your daily exposure to the sun’s rays and communicates with your smartphone to create an individualized user profile and personalized sun protection tips. It might be hard to remember what summer feels like while winter is being so harsh this year (not cool, winter!) but this will come in handy when the sun comes back.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo


Those looking to couple beauty and technology need look no further than the multi functional Samsung Gear 2 Neo, which provides classic functions in addition to essential fitness features, such as heart-rate monitoring, offline music capability, and abundant applications. Sleek and elegant, it’s a watch Neo himself would wear.

Jabra Heart Rate Tracking Headphones


What’s that sound? Is that the sound of fat crying? Not only do these Jabra earbuds track your heart rate, but they also evaluate your workout to make sure you’re training at the right intensity. These headphones are also virtually life-proof having been built towards US military rain, shock, sand and dust standards. Training for a marathon or a muddy 5K is always better with a soundtrack.

Mimo Onesie


Can you say Nursery 2.0? Mimo is appeasing overbearing parents everywhere. Their Boston based company has created a baby sensor that can track everything from sleep status, body position, breathing, and other baby noises. The information is made available on Android and iOS, and can be viewed on a simple and graphically aesthetic interface. The actual device is cute, functional, and baby friendly. This isn’t even something Back To The Future could’ve dreamed up.

9solutions gTag Companion


Eldercare and technology are two categories that don’t generally mix, but 9Solutions has come up with an inventive way to give dementia patients more freedom. Embedded with waterproof tracking technology, 9Solutions allows caregivers to monitor clients’ movements. An alarm will sound when a patient moves beyond the boundaries of a designated zone that can be changed according to time or day.

Scout 5000


If there’s a wearable for everyone, then there should be one for your best (furry) friend. A collaboration from Motorola and Hubble, Scout 5000 is a digital tracker that can keep track of your dog’s location, body composition, barks, and activity levels. For fun, there’s also an attached webcam that will allow you to view the world from your dog’s point of view. You’ll never lose your dog again, or look at him in the same light.



In an age where your ‘to do’ list is digitized and growing by the second, mindfulness is hard to achieve. Cue Spire, an activity tracker that can sense movement and methods of breathing, all while helping you manage your mental state and increase your daily activity. Spire’s focus on breath and state of mind allows the user to more fully understand the components of wellbeing. The tracker is unobtrusive, and provides immediate feedback.

Jawbone UP


The Jawbone UP is the perfect solution device for those who want to be part of a fitness community. Jawbone has a Smart Coach feature that informs users about portion sizes, exercises, and fitness progress. Jawbone measures overall well-being, like sleep and diet, and connects you to a community of family and friends.



A child’s temperature can change like the wind. Luckily, TempTraq provides 24 hour temperature tracking services in the form of a patch to alert you of any changes in your child’s temperature and health. The data can then be transferred wirelessly to a mobile phone or computer. Comprised of a thin and flexible battery, TempTraq is safe and easy to use and prevents disturbing the monitored child.

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