HxRefactored: Exclusive Interview with Alan Joseph Williams, Code For America

Health 2.0 Co-Founder, Matthew Holt recently sat down with Alan Joseph Williams, Product Designer and User Researcher at Code for America’s Health Lab, which develops digital services for Californians eligible for or enrolled in social services like SNAP and Medicaid.  Alan will be participating on a panel at the HxRefactored Conference April 1-2 in Boston, MA.  Enjoy this video interview where Matthew and Alan cover the following topics:

  • Fellowship opportunities with Code for America and their nation-wide Brigade Program that is made up of civic technology volunteer groups that continue to develop and maintain relationships with their local governments responsible for delivering local services
  • Health Lab’s primary focus in 2015 of improving the SNAP participation rate in California–California has one of the nation’s lowest participation rates in SNAP
  • Future of technology in this public/social service space, including Healthcare.gov outage and similar web services that need attention

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