Some Coffee, An API and a Vision

One September weekend, three complete strangers randomly met at the Health 2.0 San
Franscico Code-A-Thon
. The event was sponsored by Allscripts to promote the new Allscripts PM API .

After some coffee and bagels, the three strangers ended up around the table and agreed to team up for the weekend to build something awesome. There were 19 other teams with very talented members and great ideas. But, when the CIO of Allscripts came up to announce his winner, it was these three strangers who took home top prize.

Fast forward to today, QueueDr is Allscripts App of the Month with their Allscripts TouchWorks and PM solution that automatically fills cancelled appointments in less than 1 minute. Perfectly integrated into an offices workflow, QueueDr doesn’t require the front office staff to press a single button. It saves front office staff 6-10 hours every week in frantic phone calls to fill appointments. It fills twice the amount of cancellations that an office is normally able to, resulting in an extra patient a day. Most importantly, QueueDr means that patients no longer need to wait 3 weeks for an appointment.

QueueDr’s vision was to create an amazing experience for front office staff, providers, and patients. Such an amazing experience that offices couldn’t help but use it. That’s why QueueDr prices their product such that offices only pay if QueueDr fills an appointment. No other fees. It’s simple.

Join QueueDr’s webinar on May 28 at 1 PM ET/10 am PT, you will be blown away.

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