PokitDok Introduces Identity Management System for Improved Medical Care Coordination

SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2015 – Today at the Digital Health Summer Summit, co-hosted by the Center for Digital Health at UCSF, PokitDok introduced its Identity Management System. Built on the PokitDok Platform, which made its debut nearly a year ago, the new PokitDok Identity Management System is an HL7 compliant API that can integrate with multiple provider identity systems, typically Electronic Medical Record systems. It is designed to identify, map and ultimately match and merge patient information for more personalized care. Compatible with OpenEpic, Greenway Health, Athena, AllScripts, DrChrono and any custom EMR, this drives improved medical care coordination and interoperability as patients continue to consult a spectrum of specialists based on their acute need, condition, insurance coverage and increasingly, their budget.

PokitDok allows providers to see a more cohesive view of a patient’s health history and insurance so they can make a smarter diagnosis and plan for recovery. It is becoming common practice to seek acute medical care from a variety of sources – from virtual telemedicine visits to urgent care clinics in lieu of the emergency room. PokitDok is introducing the mechanisms to find and access patient data across disparate electronic medical records from inside and outside a singular health system.

The PokitDok Identity Management System is an API which allows for querying an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), typically a component of an EMR system, in order to find a patient identifier and their details in the target system. PokitDok will match a patient given specific attributes and store the relation of the patient to each of the associated identities in multiple target EMPIs. The PokitDok Identity Management System API can then be used to authenticate and authorize a patient for access to and delegation of access to additional applications utilizing the PokitDok Platform. The System, when configured and authorized to do so, also has the capability to create patients in the target EMPI.

Master Patient Data that resides in an EMPI is at the heart of every medical visit. It not only identifies patients and their recorded health needs to allow for precise care, but links the threads of financial transactions, like co-pays, deductible application, and out-of-pocket expenses incurred before insurance that may be charged to a consumer’s personal card. The PokitDok Identity Management System streamlines the business of health by enabling precise access to critical data associated with a medical visit to drive true interoperability.

“We’re creating a virtual master registry for delivering single, trusted versions of master patient data that can flow securely across diverse technology platforms, provider networks and payer systems,” said Ted Tanner Jr., co-founder and CTO, PokitDok. “This kind of horizontal interoperability has huge implications for supporting emerging patient interactions and tracking engagements that happen in different venues. It allows providers to offer more personalized medical services and manage the related fiscal components.”

About PokitDok
PokitDok provides cloud-based web services to integrate healthcare transactions into any app, website or product. This includes eligibility checks, claims submissions, central scheduling, payment processing and medical procedural code reconciliation. PokitDok makes current cash prices available for health services from over 40,000 providers in 44 US markets through its API and marketplace. Health systems, technology providers and developers use PokitDok to create better consumer experiences, streamline operations and cut costs. PokitDok is based in San Mateo, CA and Charleston, SC and is backed by New Atlantic Ventures (NAV.VC), Rogers Venture Partners, and Subtraction Capital.

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