Doctors as Users, Building Tech for the Clinician’s Office

Just as digital health apps empower patients to engage with their own health needs, improved technology has the ability to change the way providers deliver care. Not only is there a need for tools to improve the workflow of doctors and nurses, but mandates from legislation like the Affordable Care Act demand a digital upgrade. This market of opportunities can be an exciting frontier for digital health entrepreneurs, but it’s not without hurdles.

The ACA not only mandates the implementation of Electronic Health Records in all healthcare institutions, but also asks that providers spend nearly 80% on consumer services, making Health IT and technology an increasingly attractive investment. These Meaningful Use mandates also require that health IT work to reduce health disparities and improve care coordination, while also protecting the data of patients and communities.

Startups that build technology intended to ease the burden of doctors and nurses face many obstacles before their product reaches the office of a neighborhood clinician, making success challenging, though not impossible. Startups must:

  • Learn to actively work outside of the office
    • Getting out and exploring the environment that clinicians work in is crucial to designing a tool that will be easily adopted and relished for its user experience
  • Explore the methods large providers use to collect, analyze, and incorporate patient data
    • Building a tool thats structure is familiar to the user and the user’s organization will ease transitions in adopting new technologies
  • Remain open to feedback from potential partners
    • This goes without saying-clinicians are the best resource to convey the gaps they need filled in their practice

Startups involved in the creation of professional facing tools that are seeking Series A funding should apply to Traction: Health 2.0’s Startup Pitch Competition. Ten finalists will be paired with leading industry mentors and will prepare to pitch live on stage at Health 2.0’s Fall conference on October 5th in Santa Clara, CA.

Applications are due Friday, August 14, 2015.

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