Join Us at the First-ever Sleep Technology Summit & Expo – It’s Time to “Disrupt” Sleep!

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Sleep is a vital measure of overall health and wellness, even more so than diet and fitness. As consumers increasingly look to technology to help improve their health, the ability to gain valuable insights into sleep has emerged as the next frontier in digital health.

There is much at stake: A whopping 41 million Americans say they are dissatisfied with their sleep, which we know has far-reaching consequences for health. Research has proven that sleep has a significant impact on mood, concentration, memory, productivity and the ability to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be working this year with Health 2.0 to produce the first-ever Sleep Technology Summit & Expo. We’ve invited the top sleep experts in the world to share the stage with technology innovators who are making dramatic changes in the way we think about sleep.

The Sleep Technology Summit will explore the future of sleep technology, from the most promising business opportunities to how sleep technology can improve peak performance in the workplace. We’ll also unveil the results of a new consumer research study conducted jointly with the Consumer Electronics Association that will reveal new insights into consumer attitudes, awareness and purchase intentions related to sleep technology.  The full agenda is available here. We hope to see you there!

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