Welcoming DJ Patil to our 10th Annual Fall Conference!

We are extremely excited to welcome Dr. DJ Patil, the Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy, to Health 2.0’s 10th Annual Fall Conference stage! DJ is one of the leading data scientists in the world, even helping to coin the term early on in his career. It is only fitting that he is joining us for our mainstage panel “Data Drives Decisions and Discovery: Intelligence for a New Era.”

At the White House, DJ advises on policies and practices to maintain U.S. leadership in technology and innovation, fosters partnerships to maximize the Nation’s return on its investment in data, and helps to attract and retain the best minds in data science to serve the public. Before his current position, DJ had held several positions as a premier data scientist in the public and private sectors and in academia.

With his wealth of experience, DJ will give the Health 2.0 audience the latest insights into all things data in health and health care. He will look back over the past ten years to give his outlook on the most significant innovations in data science and give his take on where health care is today. DJ will also look into the future of data, looking at challenges to forward progress (i.e. data silos) and assess what innovators in this space can do to continue to enable innovation for the next ten years. We are looking forward to having DJ join us on our stage this year!

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