Welcoming Amy Abernethy to our 10th Annual Fall Conference!

Health 2.0 is proud to have Dr. Amy Abernethy, the CMO/CSO and SVP of Oncology at Flatiron Health, join us to demo for our mainstage panel – “Data Drives Decisions and Discovery” this year! Flatiron Health, which recently led a $175 million Series C funding round, looks to serve cancer patients by improving treatment and accelerating research by leveraging the power of big data. At Flatiron, Amy leads the clinical and oncology data teams and is helping direct Flatiron into it’s next phase of growth. Prior to joining Flatiron, Amy was a professor of medicine at Duke Medical Center and the director for Duke Medical’s Cancer Care Research Program and for the Duke Center for Learning Health Care.


Amy will join us on the stage to demo and speak about Flatiron’s latest developments. She will give her insights into how big data can be leveraged to drastically improve cancer care and treatment and how Flatiron thinks they can become a leader in driving this field forward. We are looking forward to having Amy join us on our stage and to hear more about Flatiron Health!


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