Welcoming James Madara to our 10th Annual Fall Conference!

We are very excited to have Dr. James Madara with us again on the Health 2.0 stage this year! Dr. Madara is CEO of the American Medical Association, the nation’s largest physician organization. An accomplished academic medical center physician, medical scientist and administrator, Dr. Madara has served as Timmie Professor and Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine and as CEO of the University of Chicago Medical Center, bringing together the university’s biomedical research, teaching and clinical activities.

Last year, Dr. Madara talked about about the AMA’s wider role in changing American health care, including its founding of Health2047, its partnership with Matter and its role in SMART. This year, however, will be a bit different. Since his talk last year, Dr. Madara referred to digital health as the “snake oil” of the 21st century. So, is he with us or against us?? On our stage, he will have a discussion with Matthew Holt, to explain what he meant by this statement, the state of play, the role of tech in doctors’ offices and in our lives, and what the Health 2.0 community needs to do to improve. This should be a really intriguing discussion and we are looking forward to seeing it on our stage on Monday, September 26th at 5:20pm!

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