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Health 2.0 has a wide variety of sponsorship options to get your company noticed at one of our popular conferences or on any (or all) of our online marketing opportunities, including the Health 2.0 News blog and/or Health 2.0 TV. Health 2.0 TV includes videos of  presentations, demos & keynotes from previous Health 2.0 conferences. There’s also our monthly Health 2.0 Show with Indu & Matthew series, and our ever growing Developer Challenge online OR live code-a-thons.

See the Sponsorship Prospectus here or below for more information and details on how to become a sponsor of Health 2.0. To contact directly, email Logan West (

Webinar: Sponsor one webinar (or more) which includes your logo at the beginning and end of the event. You can also include a 10 second video before OR after the webinar. As well as a 1 minute speaking spot to introduce the webinar. $3,000

Videos: Sponsor any of the various Health 2.0 videos on Health 2.0 TV. Depending on the panel, demonstration, Deep Dive or Documentary you choose, your corporate logo OR 10 second video will appear before video begins. (Prices vary depending on the video, demo, panel presentation or documentary you chose.) *If you would like to add a skin player to your video sponsorship it will be an additional $1,000 per video.

  • Demos: $1,000
  • Deep Dive: $2,000
  • Panel Presentation: $3,000
  • Keynote Presentation: $3,000
  • Documentary: $7,000

Health 2.0 Blog Sponsor the brand new Health 2.0 blog, which will provide all the latest and most important news in the world of Health 2.0. Add your corporate logo (or animated ad) to the blog under the various levels available on this exciting new platform. See below to find the best marketing option for your company…we’ll also provide advertising metrics every 6 months of your sponsorship.

  • 12 months: Corporate logo or animated ad, located on the top right hand side of blog, rotated with other sponsors. $1,000
  • Flagship: For 12 months, your corporate logo or animated ad, exclusive location on the top right hand side of blog. $5,000
  • Inline: For 12 months, your Corporate logo or animated ad, located in the center text of the blog, rotated with other sponsors. $500