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Shopping for Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Is my prescription covered? What’s my copay? Choosing a health insurance plan that gets you the most bang for your buck is daunting. For many, medication price and coverage is a crucial decision factor. Meanwhile, drug prices vary under different … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Middle East — Personal/Public Health: Location, Location, Location

The Health 2.0 Middle East – Dubai Conference will feature an exciting keynote by Bill Davenhall on geomedicine. Mr. Davenhall served as the Global Health and Human Services Solutions Manager at ESRI the largest geographic information system (GIS) software developer in the … Continue reading

Innovative but Controversial Products? Bring Them On

Health technology companies have a diverse range of options for funding like joining an incubator, entering a series round, and now, participating in a crowdfunding platform. It makes sense, being that Health 2.0 itself was founded on the idea of … Continue reading

Eight New Companies to Launch at Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference

Health 2.0 will unveil eight brand new health technology companies at the Launch! session on October 9th, during its Sixth Annual Fall Conference in San Francisco. During the popular session, each of the eight startups will present their products in a … Continue reading

Brian Cusack: Google’s New Study on Patient Health Research Behavior

Health 2.0 Co-Chairman Indu Subaiya spoke with Google’s Head of Industry (Healthcare Services) Brian Cusack about his company’s new research around clickstream data analysis. He also explained the proven validity of the clickstream analysis results, as shown by the similarity … Continue reading

Health 2.0’s Fall Conference — An Agenda Tailored for You (and Everyone Else)

Health 2.0 showcases the latest innovations that are changing health care, and invites leading experts to discuss the most pressing health tech topics for the benefit of all stakeholders involved — which means this message is directed at you. Whether … Continue reading

frogTHINK at Health 2.0: The Power of Disruptive Thinking

frog and Health 2.0 are collaborating to bring a health-focused frogTHINK to Health 2.0’s 6th Annual Fall Conference. Every year, over a thousand industry leaders congregate at the San Francisco conference to witness and explore the biggest innovations in health … Continue reading

Health 2.0’s Developer Q&A Session: Who the Experts Want to Meet

On October 9th, Health 2.0 Fall Conference attendees will have their engineering questions answered. Moderated by Health 2.0’s in-house developer Edbury Enegren, the ‘Ask the Experts: Developer Q&A’ panel will feature veteran health IT engineers Fred Trotter (Cautious Patient Foundation), Michael Yuan (Ringful), … Continue reading

The Fall Conference Final Agenda

Health 2.0’s 6th Annual Fall Conference final agenda is out. Taking place on October 7-10 in San Francisco, this is the event that health technology innovators look forward to every year. The 1,500 attendees who joined us last year know why: An unmatched … Continue reading

Sixth Annual Fall Conference Suggested Agenda for Providers

People might not relate the term “Health 2.0” to health care providers, but at Health 2.0, we know better. You’re a doctor, mental health specialist, nurse, physician assistant, Chief Medical Office, or the distinguished like. You want to know what outstanding, trustworthy, … Continue reading

Looking for Series A Funding?
Apply for DC to VC by August 3rd

We’ve teamed up with Morgenthaler Ventures to find ‘the best venture backable startup ideas in health IT’. Each competing startup will have access to a stellar group of mentors, press, and a chance to win $2-5 million (or more) in Series … Continue reading

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