Shopping for Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Is my prescription covered? What’s my copay? Choosing a health insurance plan that gets you the most bang for your buck is daunting. For many, medication price and coverage is a crucial decision factor. Meanwhile, drug prices vary under different … Continue reading

Medical Informatics Officer John Mattison on the Kaiser Roadmap

At Kaiser Permanente, it’s possible for an optometrist to help a patient detect her early stage breast cancer. In this video John Mattison, MD, chief medical informatics officer of Kaiser Permanente, Southern California, explains how. Mattison appeared this past spring at … Continue reading

IDEO’s Gretchen Wustrack: Lead with Love

Designer Gretchen Wustrack recently delivered a talk called “Lead with Love to Engage Patients in Their Health” at Health:Refactored, Health 2.0’s conference for designers and developers. Wustrack is the lead for Active Health, a branch of IDEO that develops products … Continue reading

GetHealth — All the Way from Ireland

CEO of GetHealth Liam Ryan joined us for a quick discussion at Health Datapalooza. In this video he explains how behavioral science drives the use of the GetHealth wellness platform. The startup’s customers already include some of Ireland’s largest insurers … Continue reading

Anmol Madan on’s Check Engine
Light for Health

CEO of Anmol Madan recently got on stage at Health 2.0’s Health:Refactored conference. is a sort of “check engine light” for health. The platform passively collects data about individuals and alerts their physician if anything is out of … Continue reading

Startups: Forging Ahead When You Don’t Know Someone Who Knows Someone

There are more excellent ideas out there than there are ideas that will succeed, according to Microsoft HealthVault‘s Chief Architect Sean Nolan. At Health:Refactored, Health 2.0’s conference for designers and developers, Nolan delivered a keynote centered around the stumbling blocks … Continue reading

The State of the Innovation Address: Health 2.0’s Neptune on Developer Challenges

On an inside job, Senior Vice President at Health 2.0 Jean-Luc Neptune, MD, MBA, interviewed with us at Health Datapalooza IV. Neptune heads the developer challenge program in New York City and has carried out numerous innovation challenges over the … Continue reading

Regina Holliday: Where the Walking Gallery
Is Going Next

 Artist Regina Holliday sat down at Health Datapalooza IV to provide an update on the progress of the Walking Gallery. Her patient advocacy mission began after her husband Frederick Allen Holliday II lost his battle with cancer. Holliday’s mission to … Continue reading

The Appropriateness of Speaking at a 4th Grade Level

Jan Gurley, MD practices internal medicine in San Francisco. As a physician, she’s an experienced writer, but through a patient perspective, she recently chronicled her experience receiving a cancer diagnosis in the three-part series called “Booby Traps.” Gurley delivered a talk … Continue reading

The Grad Student Perspective: Getting Going on Your Data Analysis

Last month at Health:Refactored, Health 2.0’s conference for designers and developers, David Kale stepped off campus and into the world of consumer data while moderating the panel “Dreaming of Data: Big, Open & Interoperable.” Kale is a first year PhD … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Esther Dyson’s HICCup

Entrepreneur and investor Esther Dyson has historically had lots going on in her professional life. Most recently her interests have been centered around startups in the health care, human capital, and aerospace fields. At Health:Refactored, a Health 2.0 conference for designers and developers … Continue reading

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