Bring Michelle Obama to San Francisco Health Innovation Week

Michelle Obama - Let's Move

In 2010, Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move! initiative to solve the nation’s problem of childhood obesity. In the past three decades alone, childhood obesity rates have increased three-fold, and 1/3 of children in the United States are considered obese. Aiming to drastically reduce these numbers is no small feat, and the First Lady’s initiative embodies what the Health 2.0 community is fearlessly achieving: improving and maintaing the health of citizens with simple yet effective tools and support.

We’d like you to join our campaign to bring First Lady Michelle Obama to Health Innovation Week in San Francisco. By inviting Mrs. Obama to keynote the Health 2.0 conference, we hope to promote her campaign to our talented and influential community while spotlighting how individuals like you are contributing to the progress in the health and wellness space.

Please sign the petition below by leaving a few short sentences about what you’re doing to support and align with the Let’s Move! initiative. You can also upload a picture of yourself, your company’s logo or share a link to your website. When you’re finished, please pass this along to others who are interested in bringing Mrs. Obama to Health Innovation Week 2012!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Bossard/Medill News Service

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