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Welcome to our Health 2.0 Atlas inspired by our good friends at Web 2.0. We’ve sought to disentangle the world of Health 2.0 and illustrate some of territories that have sprung up as we transition from Ye Worlde of Olde Electronic Medical Records and Enterprise Systems to an ever growing field of start-ups, hackers and other disrupters using cloud-based and mobile technologies in a world of sensors and big data flows.

Note: this was the map as of late 2011. We came out with a cool update in June 2014, see it here.

The Continents of Technologies

In the current health information technology products and services ecosystem, we have identified 4 major categories or “continents.”

  • –Physician (and provider) Enterprise
  • –Patients/Consumers
  • –Data
  • –Sensors & Self Monitoring


Most innovation in this sphere can be distilled into how health information is captured, flows, or is specifically utilized by the different major actors within the healthcare system-patients, providers, and payers. The next map shows how the “continents” are filled by segments of activity.

Segments of Health Applications

Within the four continents the application segments show different functions and application areas. In between the continents are species of applications that help put them together, enable data flows (such as the data utility layer) or connect two continents (such as population health between providers and patients. To the “north” is the new world of social and gaming, while the “southern” continent shows underlying technolgies of mobile, video, and cloud.

Sample Companies

Each segment of the continents contains many interesting and innovative companies.  We list just a few here to serve as references:

People’s Republic of Epatients–>Cost Transparency (sub-segment): Castlight is bringing cost transparency solutions to the provider search marketplace-empowering consumers.

Land of Physician Enterprise–>Professional Knowledge Exchanges: Doximity is a social network for physicians to connect online.

Data-Stan–>Privacy + Security:Humetrix enables data portability through a simple mobile interface.

Sovereign State of Self Monitoring–>Self-Monitoring: WellnessFX provides consumers an online dashboard for their health and helps them fill it with relevant information.

The Whole Map

Images by Donni Diddit
What do you think? Did we get the continents wrong? Think we’ve left out a leading company – incumbent, upstart, or otherwise? Don’t believe personal health records are a swamp-land? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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