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Shopping for Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Is my prescription covered? What’s my copay? Choosing a health insurance plan that gets you the most bang for your buck is daunting. For many, medication price and coverage is a crucial decision factor. Meanwhile, drug prices vary under different … Continue reading

How Do You Define and Find who Needs Care?

After delivering an opening keynote at the Care Innovations Summit, Dr. Atul Gawande returned later to moderate a panel on delivering care to the chronically ill. In a conversation with Gawande, CEO of WellPoint/CareMore Alan Hoops told him that CareMore, … Continue reading

Gawande’s Keynote

“We have to know what we mean by great care, measure it, innovate it and then implement it,” author of The Checklist Manifesto and surgeon Atul Gawande said. In the beginning of his keynote, Gawande said that cost has put … Continue reading