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Shopping for Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Is my prescription covered? What’s my copay? Choosing a health insurance plan that gets you the most bang for your buck is daunting. For many, medication price and coverage is a crucial decision factor. Meanwhile, drug prices vary under different … Continue reading

Congratulations to the Winners of the “Ensuring Safe Transitions” Innovation Challenge!

At the CMS QualityNet Conference today, National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari announced the three winners of the “Ensuring Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home” innovation challenge: Axial Exchange, iBlueButton, and VoIDSPAN.  Congratulations to the winning teams! The public … Continue reading

Reducing Hospital Readmissions is as Easy as Ensuring Safe Transitions

That nearly one in five patients discharged from a hospital will be readmitted may be surprising to some, but it’s encouraging to know that many of these readmissions can be prevented simply by improving communication and coordination between patients, caregivers, … Continue reading