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Shopping for Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Is my prescription covered? What’s my copay? Choosing a health insurance plan that gets you the most bang for your buck is daunting. For many, medication price and coverage is a crucial decision factor. Meanwhile, drug prices vary under different … Continue reading

UCSF’s Tips for Sustaining Your Startup

Last week UC San Francisco announced its Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI), the university’s cohesive effort to support its community’s entrepreneurial projects. Michael Blum, MD, UCSF’s chief medical information officer will lead CDHI along with a cast of the … Continue reading

Do Physicians Make the Best Entrepreneurs?

Startups founded by physicians make uniquely important contributions to medical device development, according to a recent study published in the May edition of Medical Care. Before reading too far into the study results, it’s important to note that study talks … Continue reading

Digital Health 101 and Beyond at Health 2.0 Local Chicago

Last year, the Chicago Health 2.0 chapter held the very first Health 2.0 Local conference. We were new, we made mistakes, but overall our attendees provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Roughly half of our audience members were somewhat new … Continue reading

Is Russia Ready for Health 2.0?

The Wikipedia article about health care in Russia starts like this: “Russia has more physicians, hospitals, and health care workers than almost any other country in the world on a per capita basis. However, since the collapse of the Soviet … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of Conference Planning:
Chicago Edition

We just hosted the first ever Health 2.0 Local conference in sweet home Chicago. It was ragged and a little rough around the edges, but we had attendee after attendee come up to us with genuinely effusive praise: the content … Continue reading

Sixty Minutes with Wozniak at ATA

Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak was the featured speaker at the annual American Telemedicine Association meeting this week. Instead of delivering a keynote, he sat on stage and had a casual conversation with the president of ATA. Bernard A. Harris, … Continue reading