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Shopping for Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Is my prescription covered? What’s my copay? Choosing a health insurance plan that gets you the most bang for your buck is daunting. For many, medication price and coverage is a crucial decision factor. Meanwhile, drug prices vary under different … Continue reading

Public vs. Private: Health Care Companies and Technology’s Impact

The rapidly growing and changing technology landscape of the health care industry means that companies catering to this market are also rapidly developing and adapting.  Technological advancements are happening so quickly that health care companies have to be able to … Continue reading

News & Updates

mDhil, a health care information provider, received the Innovation Karnataka Award from Google. The award recognized companies using the Internet to make a positive difference in addressing a social, economic or community challenge in India. Electronic device maker Jawbone introduced … Continue reading

Avoiding Costly EHR Mistakes

Today, electronic health record (EHR) systems play an increasingly important role in improving providers’ administrative operations and streamlining the delivery of patient services. However, far too many providers are dissatisfied with their EHR vendors, judging from a recent KLAS research … Continue reading