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California HealthCare Foundation Design-a-thon: Delivering Actionable Data

9:00 AM September 7th - 6:00 PM September 8th, 2013

Health data is only as valuable as it is accessible and actionable to major decision makers. Team up with fellow graphic designers, UI experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and health care professionals to do just that.

In the spirit of its “Free the Data Initiative”, the California HealthCare Foundation is challenging you to prototype the design and functionality of a smart data display system that will better inform the policy and budgetary decisions that local elected officials need to make.

A key component of this work involves thinking through how to best improve the accessibility and packaging of available health data, while taking into account important design principles. For example, rather than building a dashboard with a limited set of pre-determined measures, consider the value of a more flexible, modular, and query-based system — one that can respond to the needs of elected officials to turn customizable maps, graphs, and tables into actionable, practical information. The aesthetics and function of this system have not been determined, so you have a major opportunity to leverage your creativity and design expertise to create the most effective display!