3 CEOs: Michael Long & Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

3 CEOs are interviewed by top journalists in 15 minute segments about how their companies are transforming, and being transformed by, Health 2.0.

Mike has led teams that built Continuum, a multi-billion dollar global insurance software company; NEOS, which built geophysical sciences software and instrumentation for imaging the earth’s subsurface and Healtheon/WebMD–famously chronicled in Michael Lewis’ best-seller, The New, New Thing. But Mike has told us that as health care spending has doubled since those Healtheon days. It wasn’t a success. Today working again with John Doerr at Kleiner Perkins, Mike is leading Essence/Lumeris. Essence operates a virtual integrated health care delivery system for accountable care organizations. The heady goal is to use Essence/Lumeris’ white cloud technologies to slow the growth of health care’s $2.6 trillion expenses while simultaneously improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Mike told us the time is right, the technology is here and the need is urgent–not least because we’re all older than we were in the late 1990s.

Jane has the best blog in health care—Health Populi, and also writes a monthly online column in iHealthbeat. She has written several groundbreaking reports for CHCF including the The Connected Patient and of course most recently The Online Couch: Mental Health Care on the Web.