AirStrip: Deep Dive

The future of healthcare mobility is rooted in the ability of clinicians to view vital data from any source across the care continuum in a single user experience. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet on the go, a touchscreen desktop at a central station or in the office, a laptop by the bedside or at home, one consistent dashboard will need to show medical device data in near real-time, along with fully integrated EMR data, PACs images, and many other data sources.

The availability of seamless capabilities that deliver the same user experience regardless of form factor will drive mobile utilization. That will enable clinicians to realize the full value and transformative power of healthcare mobility – providing higher quality, more efficient care, and meeting the growing challenges of a rapidly-evolving healthcare system.

Join AirStrip CEO Alan Portela and Microsoft for a discussion of what’s next for mobility in healthcare, and a demonstration of the tools that will drive the next phase of mHealth transformation.