Around the World Session

NIraj Katwala represented Healthline as the session sponsor. The session began with the “Rising Stars” segment, moderated by Indu Subaiya.  Indu curated a panel focused entirely on a generation of young entrepreneurs in health technology, thus called “rising stars.”  Featured for their progressive technologies was Akhila Satish of CyberDoctor and Pelu Tran of Augmedix.  Akhila  demonstrated CyberDoctor’s new adherence application game, PatientPartner, in which the player can see how certain decisions directly affect their life. Pelu showed how Google Glass is being used in a clinical setting to increase physician facetime with their patients.


Indu then segued into the next portion of the session, introducing the WeightLess Project, with Poonacha Machaiah.  In the WeightLess Project the overweight of the world give to the malnourished.  Beneficial to both groups with opposite problems, “The Weightless Project” brings a certain currency as calorie lost is converted to calorie gained. This project served as a good link to the third part of the session, Around the World: International, which focused on companies and individuals helping the underserved around the world.

The International panel was moderated by James Mathews, the Chairman of the Health 2.0 chapter in India. It featured James Nardella, Mark Friess, and Ravi Kumar as speakers, and demonstrations from Ram Gopalan of Argusoft, James Nardella of the Lwala Community Alliance, and Donato Tramuto of Physicians Interactive.