Can Health 2.0 Improve EHR Adoption?

Moderated by:

Joshua Seidman, Office of Provider Adoption Support.  Josh is a great friend of Health 2.0, and in his previous role made the Center for Ix Therapy the fulcrum for educating the health care industry and policy makers about optimizing patient education. The temptation for the ONC team was too much, and in 2010 they brought Josh on board to work on provider adoption and, of course, to make sure that patient engagement was a core part of meaningful use.


Jon White, Health IT Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Jon runs the Health IT portfolio at AHRQ. He’s on this panel because John probably knows more than anyone
else about the research of the impact, both good and bad, from health IT and EMR adoption.

Ted Eytan, Medical Director for Delivery Systems Operations Improvement, Permanente Federation, LLC
What Ted’s overly long title really means is that he’s a leader helping in patient-centered health care evolve
via the use of technology. Ted played a major role in the creation of the patient-physician communication
system at Group Health Cooperative.  And now with Kaiser, which has by far
the biggest civilian deployment of an EMR, Ted’s using Twitter and his blog and more to spread the “greatest”
de!nition of Health 2.0—it’s all about participatory healthcare.

Regina Holliday, Muralist/Artist, Medical Advocacy Mural Project
Following her husband Fred’s illness and death lin 2009, Regina has used her considerable artistic talents
to become a medical advocate—telling the story of the challenges getting information and data in a
wonderful mural called ‘73 cents’. The mural which is on the side of a gas station in Washington DC was
on the cover of the BMJ in September 2009, and her recent Apples to Apples visualization of the not-sogreat report card of Medicare patient satisfaction data in DC got a special mention in the recent Design for
America challenge.