ICW – Deep Dive

The central challenge of implementing Health 2.0 lies in creating a sustainable economic business model. Several things lie mostly hidden in the background: the underlying infrastructure, transforming processes into functionality, the technological networking of the business ecosystem, the “electronification” of the business model. The risk is that the technical implementation will be perceived as “trivial” or, conversely, that preoccupation with technological details result in losing sight of the business model. This presentation explains why it makes sense to entrust the technological implementation of Health 2.0 business models to external specialists like ICW using specific Health 2.0 tools.  They are eHealth domain experts with a strong back end focus. The eHealth Platform is specially suited to satisfy the data, privacy and SLA requirements of Health 2.0 applications.

In this presentation, they will show how to leverage our knowledge and services to keep your business functioning optimally without having to worry about technical details.