Double Keynote: Big, Smart, and Open – just how we like data!

Tim Kelsey and Geraint Lewis of NHS England gave a call to action in their double keynote this November in London, England. Kelsey examined how data has the power to articulate the patient voice to make England’s health care system safer and more sustainable. Lewis followed Kelsey to show the audience how Care.Data, a new data driven program will address the shortcomings of England’s HES, Hospital Episode Statistics, program. With Care.Data’s implementation, patient data will be collected from all providers of NHS health care to create a complete history and this information will be easily accessible to patients. The hope is that Care.Data will allow patients, providers, innovators, and entrepreneurs with the ability to analyze health patterns, audit hospital quality and prevention programs, investigate outbreaks, compare health statistics, and describe outcomes to make England a healthier and more empowered country.