East Bay Pilates: Krisna Lee Hanks

Krisna Lee Hanks, MS, MBA is a former professional dancer with a lifetime in the health and wellness sector. Recently she was Director of Health Risk Management for Lockton, Companies. She is the co-owner and founder of East Bay Pilates in Emeryville where she directed the Pilates program for Pixar Animation Studios. Krisna previously was Membership Director for The Stanford Health Promotion Network of Stanford University and Director of Wellness for the Health Trust in Silicon Valley. Ms. Hanks holds certifications in Classical Pilates, Iyengar Yoga, Senior Fitness, Worksite Wellness and is an avid blogger at Square1Wellness.

A Dancer’s Perspective: Sustainable Performance
To become a professional dancer requires complete mastery of the human body. It is a meticulous combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, and dexterity, guided by a supreme sense of rhythm and musicality. No singular factor creates a dancer, it is the unique combination of mental and physical prowess that embodies brilliance, and sets each performer alight. Dancing is an exquisite art form, however, underneath the beauty lays a hard, cruel side. Dancers are usually poorly paid, they lack reasonable benefits and job security, face high risk of injury, and must submit to a grueling daily mental and physical regime. Given these odds what is it that makes anyone survive a career?

Are there elements of sustainability that as health promotion professionals we can learn from dancers? In this talk Ms. Hanks will share her experiences in a 30 year long career as a professional dancer in Europe and the USA. She will explore how an eye towards performance longevity is vital to creating sustainable performers, and thus healthier organizations.