Health 2.0 Show – May 2011

In this episode we’ll be covering a few topics including our experience at Maker Faire this past weekend, DC Innovation Week, Health 2.0 Europe, and the agenda for our fall conference.

We’ll start off by recapping our favorite moments and exhibits from the Health 2.0 Pavilion at Maker Faire. One of the exhibitors, Fred Trotter will join us to talk about his experience. At the faire, Fred showed how to easily create QR code graffiti, and demonstrated the possibilities for the codes in healthcare.

Also coming up on Health 2.0′s radar is DC Health Innovation Week. Ted Eytan of Kaiser Permanente will be on the show where he’ll give us more details about the week’s activities, many of which will be happening at the Kaiser Center for Total Health (including the Health 2.0 Code-a-thon!).

Also joining us on the show will be Regina Holliday, creator of the The Walking Art Gallery, occurring during DC Innovation Week. At the gallery, the art will literally be walking. Participants will be wearing jackets that have been painted with powerful stories of medical advocacy. Our own Lizzie Dunklee will be part of the gallery, and during the show she’ll be interviewing Regina about this unique event.