Health Care Marketplaces: Full Session

Shawn Lovering represented session sponsor Safeway Health. The Health Care Marketplaces session was moderated by Matthew Holt and covered topics like the newly launched state and federal exchanges, the impact on insurance plans and providers, and how to educate the consumer. The panel took place on a highly anticipated day: October 1st.  The  Government proceeded to shut down over the issue while the rest of us continued to adjust to a changing system. Speakers included David Maxwell-Jolley from Covered California, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, J.D. Kleinke, Bill Wehrle from Kaiser Permanente, Mary Scanlon from Xerox, Bart Foster of SoloHealth, and Gary Lauer from eHealth.  On-stage conversation was enhanced with demos by Getinsured, Brighter, eHealth, and PokitDok.