Interview with Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush, CEO, athenahealth
Jonathan has made quite a name for himself since founding athenahealth with Todd Park—who’s of course now the Federal CTO. Athenahealth’s products include not only the biggest cloud-based practice management system, AthenaCollector, but also Clinicals (EMR), Communicator (patient messaging) and Coordinator (care transitions). In the spirit of this conference, while Athena has grown its core cloud services, the last two products came by purchasing other technology vendors. We all know about Jonathan’s outspoken nature, his criticism of basically everyone in health IT, ONC, who knows where else, and many of you have seen him poking fun at the industry–and himself–at his annual HISSies presentation. It was very different in 1997, when Jonathan and Todd decided to set up an OBGYN clinic. In this interview you’re going to hear a whole lot about athena’s journey from start-up to $2.5 billion in market cap, including what partnerships and tactics worked and what didn’t. Yes, this is going to be fun.