Jeff Arnold on 3CEOs panel

Jeff Arnold, CEO, ShareCare

Back in the late 1990s while still in his twenties Jeff founded WedMD, quickly merged it with Healtheon and created what eventually became the only real survivor of the eHealth era. But by late 2000 Jeff was out of WebMD and he spent most of the last decade building an entirely different media property—How Stuff Works—before eventually selling it to Discovery for $250m in late 2007. But Jeff is at Health 2.0 because he believes that there’s still an untapped market in online health content. Sharecare is the result of that belief, but Jeff’s not going it alone. He’s working with Sony, Harpo (Oprah’s production company), Discovery, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and multiple major content providers and corporate partners. What exactly is the Sharecare platform and service? Announced in late 2009, Sharecare has perhaps been the most anticipated entry into the online health content market since WebMD. Jeff introduces us to Sharecare, and what makes it so different.