Keynote: Adam Connor – HXR 2016

Organizations are taking a strong interest in design — realizing that understanding the needs, expectations and contexts in which people interact and use products and services leads not only to improvements in their current offerings, but ideas and opportunities for new innovations. With this realization has come immense investment in design talent and training. But having design talent and creativity does not ensure success. Design is not just a new tool to add to a growing collection. As these skills and individuals are added to the mix in many teams, both designers and non-designers alike often struggle to work together and produce great work. Design is a shift in mindset that influences how we behave and make decisions. In order for organizations to make use of design they must be set up to do so. In this presentation we’ll look at the characteristics and cultures of organizations that are able to effectively create, collaborate on, and produce great design and explore strategies to foster innovation by building better teams, training and inspiring people, helping them use new tools to work together, identify problems and break down silos that stop progress.