Aetna and Mindbloom – Positive Psychology and Health

Kyra Bobinet, Managing Director, Strategic Diversification, Aetna & Brent Poole, CEO, Mindbloom
Kyra joined Aetna in 2008 to contiue her work in health innovation in wellness and mind body connections. She’s now responsible for finding answers to the growing need for seniors to prolong their independence, quality of life and social connectivity through their twilight years. Brent joined up with veteran 3-D game designer Chris Hewett to create Mindbloom. When we were looking for an example of a health care organization working with a technology company around health issues of both peer support and spirituality, we knew we’d hit on the perfect combination with Aetna and Mindbloom. This talk was given during the “Yet More and Different Unmentionables” panel at the San Francisco Health 2.0 conference in 2011.