PanHealth @ NYC Columbia Code-a-Thon

PanHealth creators Avi Kulkarni, Matt Toups, Soloman Berhe, Niranjan Mahajan, and Ganesh Mane took home a $500 third-place prize at Health 2.0′s Health, Hacking and Big Data Code-a-Thon at Columbia University.

PanHealth seeks to help improve medication compliance by using smart phones and tablets and make it easy for the patients to get started by using their health data already available in health data silos, specifically using the Blue Button initiative from federal government to liberate health data from CMS and VA, as well as other commercial healthcare players.

It uses the PHR platform by PanHealth Inc to connect Blue Button and get medication prescription data for a user. The system syncs the PHR data with a iPhone/iPad app and helps patient with their daily and weekly medication regimen. The app talks to the patients and guides them in filling their medication organizer and helps the patient by showing medicine pictures as the the time of taking medication. The system also uses gamification to reward patients for compliance.