Patient 2.0: The Patient Shark Tank

Patient communities are emerging as key influencers and disrupting the healthcare landscape. They are impacting strategies, policies, and setting the stage for new patient-centric innovations. Patients are now sought after thought leaders influencing the way healthcare systems think about and interact with patients and prodding them to improve the patient experience. Join us as ePatient judges rate new technology exclusively from the patient perspective and innovators build the perspective of patients into the innovations designed to serve them.The ultimate goal is to incorporate the voice of patient into the design, development or enhancement of technology being developed by the healthcare community and move away from the notion: “If you build it they will come”. As each innovator pitches their concept or technology, our patient panelists will ask targeted questions based on their experiences to understand how the innovation uniquely responds to patient needs and how it will reach patients. Patient panelists will score the technology based on the following categories:
– How well does it define and solve a problem?
– Patient User Experience
– Data Handling
– Patient-Centricity/Involvement
– Engagement/retention – Is the patient going to be motivated to use this product/service? How sustainable is this solution?
– Connectivity to other systems and/or healthcare team