Reactor Panel: Health 2.0 Style

Esther Dyson, Principle, EDVenture
Esther is well known in healthcare for her role as an investor (Medscape, Medstory, PatientsLikeMe, 23andme, Organized Wisdom and many more), and for likening the health care system to a “calciified hairball stuck at the bottom of a drain.” Of course she’s equally well known in Washington due to her role in 1998-2000 introducing the tech and policy community to each other in her days as the founding Chair of ICANN.
Chris Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer, HealthCentral
Chris founded the Online Publishers Association and ran the Washington Post Online and LEGI-SLATE, INC.
But since 2005 he’s led the rebirth of HealthCentral into being one of the major content and conversation networks in Health 2.0. In recent years,
HealthCentral has bought Wellsphere and a few other companies and serves 12m visitors a month, and Chris has been very active in the rede!nition of what content and commerce means in online health.
Wil Yu, Director of Innovation, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC)
Following time running research at the Health Technology Center in San Francisco, and working in the worlds of EMRs
and investment banking, Wil Yu joined the ONC last year as a Special Assistant. His job is leading efforts related to
emerging health IT innovations, and he’s also the Project O$cer for the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects
(SHARP) and serves on the HHS Innovation Council as the ONC representative.