SoloHealth Demo: Eric Hoell

SoloHealth believes in the basic philosophy of awareness and prevention leads to better health and a healthier bottom line. The company touts that awareness + education will propel people into action. And that’s half the battle.

SoloHealth Station is backed by an innovative, cloud-based platform that can be updated instantly and remotely, and it’s flexible enough to add new functions and features to continue to expand offerings and services. The company has partnered with perennial technology brands like Intel and Dell to deliver the most seamless, innovative experience for users, as well as unique opportunities for advertisers wanting to reach this very engaged and health-conscious audience.

There are millions of Americans that don’t get regular exams for a number of reasons whether that is costs, insurance issues (or lack thereof) and proximity issues. SoloHealth is bringing free health and wellness access directly where the people are—in retail. The company’s recent retail agreements, including the nationwide rollout with Walmart, will have the Stations in more than 2,500 stores by mid-2013, scaling to more than 4,000 by 2014.