VirtualRehab – Health 2.0 for Active and Healthy Aging

David Fried is the International Business Director of Virtualware, which has developed a product called VirtualRehab, a clinically validated and EC certified neurorehabilitation videogame platform being used by patients around the world. VirtualRehab can be used in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics as well as for telerehabilitation purposes in patient’s homes. The platform works with various hardware devices, including low cost consumer products like the the Microsoft Kinect and the Leap Motion device, as well as more complex technologies like Robotic arms used for rehabiliation. 
In London, he will be demoing 2 games using the Leap Motion device to show how it can be used to help patients recover fine motor skills in their hands, as well as showing the backend Program Manager used to remotely customize the games and track patient progress.